Our vision

For Talga, sustainability is not an add-on, a box to tick, or one section in a report. It’s a core component of our business strategy and vision and has been since day one. We do not just offer products that can change the world; we also produce them in ways that are both environmentally and socially sustainable.

Our products will be used across many touchpoints of people’s lives – from the battery technology in electric vehicles and smartphones, to advanced graphene materials which will make consumer and industrial products stronger, longer-lasting, lighter and greener.

Due to our extremely high-grade ore and world-leading industrial processes, our mine has a far smaller physical footprint than traditional graphite mines.

Put simply, we can do more with less. The refinement of our products is also optimised for sustainability; an independent Life Cycle Assessment completed by independent consulting firm Minviro confirmed Talnode™-C’s low greenhouse gas emissions profile. This is a result of Talga’s use of Swedish hydropower, localised production and in-house expertise.

Furthermore, we respect the land upon which we operate, and pledge to restore it once we leave.

CLIMB – a new way to measure biodiversity

Talga invests in technology, mitigation measures and knowledge to minimise the impact of our developments and we work actively to achieve net biodiversity gain in the natural environments where we operate.

To this end, we are proud to be a partner of the CLIMB project together with Vattenfall, LKAB, Boliden, Skellefteå Kraft, Svenska kraftnät, Heidelberg Materials, Skanska, Specialfastigheter and SBMI. The project aims to develop a methodology to evaluate biodiversity with transparency, and to credibly quantify and communicate negative and positive impacts on biodiversity as land is developed and restored.