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High grade natural graphite for Europe’s green transition

The Nunasvaara South graphite mining operation near Vittangi, northern Sweden, is an important resource for both Europe’s and Sweden’s green transition. Thanks to its high grade and unique geological characteristics the deposit’s natural graphite is ideally suited for the production of anode material for lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles.

Graphite extracted at Nunasvaara South will be processed into anode material at Talga’s refinery in Luleå.

The Nunasvaara South mine in brief

What will you do? At the Nunasvaara South mine Talga will extract up to 120,000 tonnes of high grade natural graphite per year. This graphite ore will be concentrated on site and then processed into lithium-ion battery anode material at our refinery in Luleå.

When will the mine operate? The mine has been designed to operate for six months of the year, reducing impact on reindeer herding.

How will you minimise environmental impact? The mine will implement several leading tailings and waste management practices including the creation of a secure, integrated waste facility. We will also conduct continuous monitoring of dust and noise levels to ensure minimal environmental impact.

How will you manage water? We employ stringent wastewater treatment and monitoring to ensure water quality and groundwater levels remain unaffected by our activities.

How will the mine impact biodiversity? The mine site is designed to avoid impacts on high value biodiversity areas, which will be protected during and after Talga’s operations. We are identifying and arranging biodiversity offsets (also called compensation measures) to result in a net 15% increase in biodiversity value. To this end, we are proud to be a project partner for CLIMB, a methodology to evaluate biodiversity in a transparent and comparable way.

How many employees will the mine have? The mine will provide jobs for approximately 60 people.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Talga has undertaken numerous baseline environmental studies and assessed potential environmental impacts of our proposed operation. These studies covered a wide range of focus areas, including water management, biodiversity, reindeer husbandry and dust management.

The studies, with further documentation, were submitted to the Land and Environment Court and the Mining Inspectorate as part of the permitting process for the Nunasvaara South mine development.

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Feedback, questions and complaints

Feedback is an important part of how we continuously improve our processes and operations. We are happy to accept all comments and complaints regarding our operations. Submissions can be made anonymously.

How do I submit comments, suggestions for improvement or complaints?

Talga’s mission is to enable the world’s most sustainable batteries and consumer products through innovative graphitic materials. We believe an important part of achieving this is open and transparent communication with all stakeholders. If you have any questions about our Vittangi operations, get in touch at +46 (0) 10-303 71 00 (exchange) or kontakt@talga.se.

We gratefully accept comments and complaints regarding our operations by phone, email or through this form. Talga will handle all submissions through a defined process.