Industrial Applications

The opportunity to pursue sustainable outcomes goes beyond electrification and use of renewable energy. Advanced graphitic materials have a vast array of industrial applications and provide modern and sustainable alternatives to legacy materials as well as completely new opportunities realised by our material technology.

Revolutionising industry

Advanced graphitic materials have applications across transport, medicine, electronics, energy, defence, desalination, and more.

Just one example is the shipping industry, where Talga’s graphene-based paint primer Talcoat™ is used in coating of large ships, which can substantially lower the release of toxic paint materials into the world’s oceans.

Graphene’s amazing combination of strength and lightness also give it further applications in materials used in manufacturering. Concrete with small amounts of graphene has been demonstrated to have increased strength, thermal and electric conductivity, and graphene-based composites in aircraft wings could dramatically reduce the weight of an aeroplane. This, in turn, would increase fuel efficiency and range, resulting in more sustainable travel.