Electric Vehicles

We’re speeding towards a world of emission-free electric vehicles. From the car that you drive, to the bus you take to work or the truck delivering your packages – they’re all going electric.

While the proliferation of electric vehicles is good news, the sustainability of their manufacturing journey is of vital importance. Battery anode accounts for 40-50% of the battery’s active material. Talga’s high quality, green anodes ensure that your EV doesn’t just run cleanly, but is also made cleanly.

Why is electrification of transport important?

Electric vehicles aren’t just fun to drive; they’re necessary for the environment. In 2018 in the EU, transport (domestic and international) was responsible for 29% of total economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions. If the world is to keep greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the transport sector needs to electrify urgently. And while the EU has made great strides in reducing overall CO2 emissions, in recent years emissions from transport have actually gone up.

However, ambitious CO2 emission standards and incentives are helping drive electric vehicle purchases across the EU. In October 2021, nearly 80% of new car sales in Norway were electric. As this trend is now continuing across Europe and the world, we will no longer see electric vehicles as exciting new technology, but a regular part of our greener and more sustainable lives.