Battery Materials

As one half of the active materials in a lithium-ion battery, green anodes can dramatically reduce the CO2 emissions of making electric vehicles, energy storage systems and consumer electronics.

Mined and refined in Sweden from our own high-grade natural graphite and using clean renewable energy, Talga’s anode products have high technical performance and a low CO2 footprint – all delivered from within the EU.

Talga active anode products

Talnode™-C Power & EV Series

Talnode™-C is made from our unique Swedish high-grade natural graphite and proprietary coating processes to offer industry-leading low emission active anode. Talnode™-C can be tuned for high-rate applications or as a blended product using our 100% vertical integration control, and is characterised by low ohmic resistance and low swelling, providing outstanding fast charge and low temperature performance for battery electric vehicles, hybrids and consumer electronics.

Talnode™-C Recycled Series

Talga’s recycled graphite anode made from repurposed production scrap or black mass. Produced in Europe in a proprietary process, Talnode™-C Recycled Series aims to improve circularity by reintroducing spent graphite anode in new lithium-ion battery production. This will help increase European self-reliance, reduce landfilling or burning of waste battery materials and decrease greenhouse gas emissions associated with synthetic graphite’s fossil fuel precursors.


Silicon-carbon composite for use as an energy-boosting product in commercial graphite battery anodes. The drop-in design uses our proprietary technology to enable low swelling and commercial production calendaring pressures, in a lower cost and highly scalable manufacturing process.

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