Corporate Governance

Talga is a listed company and committed to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance aligned with recommendations of the Australian Securities Exchange. The Board of Directors of Talga Group Ltd is responsible for corporate governance of the Company. The Board’s governing principle in meeting this responsibility is to act honestly, conscientiously and justly, in accordance with the law, in the interests of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

Talga’s corporate governance policies and procedures are available below.

Board of directors
Terry Stinson
Non-Executive Chair

Mr Stinson has over 35 years’ Executive and Non-Executive Director experience, working for global innovation companies across a range of industry segments, along with a proven track record of forming and leading international business collaborations and joint ventures.

Formerly the CEO and Managing Director of Orbital Corporation, VP for Global Fuel Systems at Siemens AG, CEO and Managing Director of Synerject and VP of Manufacturing Outboard Marine Corporation, Mr Stinson is currently the Non-Executive Chair of wave energy technology developer Carnegie Clean Energy Limited, Non-Executive Director of Aurora Labs Limited, and Non-Executive Director of Engentus Pty Ltd.

Mark Thompson
Managing Director MAIG, MSEG

Mr Thompson has over 30 years’ global experience in the geoscience and mineral industries including project discovery, development, technology and management. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists, the Society of Economic Geologists and the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Mr Thompson founded Talga and previously founded and served on the Board of ASX-listed Catalyst Metals Limited. Mr Thompson was a Non-Executive Director of Gibb River Diamonds Limited.

Grant Mooney
Non-Executive Director

Mr Mooney has a background in corporate advisory with extensive experience in equity capital markets, corporate governance and M&A transactions along with a wealth of experience in resources and technology markets. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Mr Mooney is a Non-Executive Director of several ASX-listed companies including wave energy technology developer Carnegie Clean Energy Limited, 3D metal printing technology company Aurora Labs Limited, and mineral resources companies Barra Resources Limited, Riedel Resources Ltd, Accelerate Resources Limited, SRJ Technologies, and Gibb River Diamonds Limited.

Stephen Lowe
Non-Executive Director

Mr Lowe has a background in business management with over 20 years’ experience consulting to a range of corporate and high wealth clients. Mr Lowe was the Group Manager for the Creasy Group for 12 years before retiring in August 2019.

Mr Lowe is also an experienced public company Director, being the former Chair of Sirius Resources NL and former Non-Executive Director of Coziron Resources Ltd and Windward Resources Ltd. Mr Lowe holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and a Masters of Taxation from the UNSW. He is a Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia.

Ola Rinnan
Non-Executive Director

Mr Rinnan has extensive commercialisation and leadership experience across the energy, banking and finance sectors and has held numerous board positions for European listed companies and financial institutions including Non-Executive Directorships in Smedvig group companies and DFCU Bank (representing the largest shareholder Norfund).

Formerly the Chairman of Avinor AS, CEO at Eidsiva Energi AS, CEO at Norgeskreditt AS and CFO for Moelven Industrier AS, Mr Rinnan is currently the Chairman of Nordavind DC Sites AS, Hamar Media AS, Espern Eiendom AS, Alpha Entrance AS, Megafun AS and Gravdahl AS. Mr Rinnan holds a Bachelor in Economics and a Masters in Construction and Materials Technology.