Environmental Impact Assessment

Luleå Anode Refinery

Talga has undertaken numerous baseline environmental studies and assessed the environmental impacts of our proposed refinery to be built at the Luleå Industrial Park. This page lists the full suite of environmental impact assessment documents prepared for and submitted to the Land and Environment Court as part of the process for obtaining the Environmental Permit for the facility. These documents are in Swedish and are presented in the order they were submitted to the Court. Please note that Supplementary Documents may replace previously submitted documents.

Permit decision 21 June 2023 

The Land and Environment Court’s decision to approve the Luleå anode refinery environmental permit.

Application June 2022

The environmental permit application, initial environmental impact assessment, technical description and results of consultation undertaken by Talga prior to submitting the application.

Supplementary Documents April 2023

Additional information about air emissions and responses to questions.