Why Invest

Talga Group is a vertically integrated advanced materials company focusing on battery anode and graphene additive products. The Company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange but has its operations in Europe where it has been active since 2011.

  • Talga Sweden – 100%-owned high-grade graphite deposits – the largest resources in Europe and highest grade JORC-compliant resource in world – and planned battery anode production
  • Talga Germany – 100%-owned test process facility located in Rudolstadt, Germany
  • Talga UK – Product development and marketing team located in Cambridge, UK

Talga is differentiated from its ASX listed peers by virtue of its full vertical integration in making coated anode and fully functionalised graphene products. The Company's fully in-house technology capability ensures a unique 100% controlled deposit-to-product supply chain.

Investment highlights:

  • High Margin Advanced Materials Business – Talga’s flagship Vittangi Graphite Project will feed high grade flake graphite ore to Talga’s planned in-house downstream processing facility, producing a high-margin coated graphite anode product known as Talnode®-C to be sold to lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers
  • High Grade Graphite Resource – Talga’s 100% owned Vittangi Project has JORC 2012 total Graphite Mineral Resources of 19.5 Mt @ 24% Cg making it one of the world’s highest grade JORC compliant graphite resource and providing a premium raw material supply for Talga’s downstream processing facilities.
  • Exceptional Project Economics – The Detailed Feasibility Study confirms the Vittangi Anode Project’s exceptional potential to supply globally competitive green graphite anode, suitable for multiple applications including Tier 1 automotive lithium-ion batteries.
  • Product Qualification – As at June 2020 Talnode® in 36 active Li-ion battery manufacturer customer engagements including six major global automotive OEMs (ASX:TLG 24 Jun 2020).
  • Unique  Deposits – Talga's high-grade graphite projects have truly unique characteristics which enable higher yields and cheaper production.
  • Sweden – Operating in a top quality jurisdiction on the doorstep of European markets. Extremely low cost grid hydro-power and direct road/rail options to customers.
  • Scalability – Largest graphite resources in Europe and massive growth pipeline of untested deposits.
  • Diversity – Multiple Talnode® and Talphene® (graphene) products span current and future product technologies, uncoupling Talga from sole reliance on any one market and enabling new growth opportunities.